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About BrickshipsDesigns

I have been a Lego fan for most of my life, and have always focused mainly on military models. My first builds were pretty simple, of course, and for several years I quit doing anything with Lego. In 2017 I picked up the hobby again, with my first trio being the Lexington Battlecruiser, USS Texas, and Giorgos Averof. Over the next few years I kept honing my skill, and in 2020 I joined OmahaBricks and began selling my designs.  Eventually I decided to move on to BRICKmeetsDESIGN, and then got the opportunity to design several kits for Brickmania, and finally I decided it was a good move for me to launch my own site! Since 2022, I've been working on transitioning into kits and instructions proper, and here we are!

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