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About BrickshipsDesigns

BrickshipsDesigns can be traced back to the early 2000s, when founder Gregory LeBlanc first began building model ships and planes out of LEGO. Fast forward to 2017, Gregory began to rediscover LEGO, and began designing digitally. In 2020, he joined OmahaBricks and began selling his designs under the Instagram name "BrickshipsDesigns". Eventually, after moving to the now defunct BRICKmeetsDESIGN to sell instructions, BrickshipsDesigns was developed into its own fully-fledged site. In 2022, BrickshipsDesigns began transitioning from the original method of selling the digital Studio files to instructions, and from there began diving into kits. BrickshipsDesigns is now working on providing high quality kits and instructions in all kinds of subjects for all kinds of people, but maintains an emphasis on historical military models.

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